Telemedicine & Telehealth

Service your patients and members faster, more secure and mitigate your risks


Technology has revolutionized the way we provide clinical health care, allowing us to overcome distance, time constraints, transportation issues, and other obstacles to improve access to medical treatment in a cost-effective manner. Telemedicine as an alternative for patient care has become an important and quickly growing component of the healthcare industry, allowing for both patients and providers to benefit. We can utilize this technology to improve care and provide services to patients, such as follow up visits, post-hospitalization care, medication management, monitoring of chronic conditions, preventative/wellness care support, or consultations, without an in-person visit.

Patients benefits from:

§ Less time lost from work

§ No travel expenses

§ Time conservation

§ HIPPA Compliant Privacy

Providers benefit from:

§ Improved office efficiency

§ Increased time and work productivity

§ Better patient follow-through

§ Improved health outcomes

§ Fewer missed appointments and cancellations

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