Coordination of Patient Care

Additional Information


We organize and coordinate all patient care activities and share the information between all parties involved with a patient’s care, to ensure effective and safe care. We make sure that a patient’s requirements are known ahead of time to the right people.

The OHP approach

  • Team coordination to improve access and quality of care for patients at any of the health centers.
  • Efficient methods of communication, including daily hospitalization reports.
  • Ensure follow-up of patients after hospitalization.
  • Quality control in patients care, of all age groups and stages of development.
  • Prepare, special reports and analyzes, upon request.
  • Track, monitor, and actively manage assigned patient cases to ensure coordination of care, retention of patient and a high level of utilization.
  • Retrieve all elements to build a patient’s longitudinal care record.
  • Interact with patient’s physicians and other staff both within the clinic and outside facilities providing accurate, timely and responsive information.